Esprit de famille chez Nos Amis Fidèles, pension agréée pour chiens et chats à Lasnes - contrôle vétérinaire et vaccinations exigées -

All the here under prices are include Value Added Tax (VAT) per day and per animal. 

We charge for day in and day out.

Your cat/dog's kennel will be available for your use from 08:00 on your arrival day until closing on your day of departure.

Any animal not collected by closing on your day of departure will be subject to a charge of one extra day's boarding.

Cat - standard      € 15,50 Cat - suite         € 19,50
Small dog              € 18,50 Large dog         € 19,50
2 animals                       less € 1,5 per day & per animal  
3 et 4 animals               less € 2     per day & per animal  
5 animals and more    less € 2,5  per day & per animal  
Longer boarding (+1 month ) less € 3 per day & per animal  

- Every day started will be charged.

- During school holidays, stays must be at least 7 days long.

- Payments have to be done in advance by bank transfer or on the exit day in cash or by bank payment through smartphone bank apps 

- In case of cancellation in high season (July-August), the down payments will not be refunded.

All fees are payable on collection but a down payment may be requested.